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(Image: Heidi Bright* and the Subdued Cancer Dragon)

How LIIFT Can Help Subdue The Cancer Dragon

by Brian Eastman
Creator and Advanced Practitioner of LIIFT

Some years ago Stephanie and Carl Simonton studied cancer patients to determine whether they shared any common psychological characteristics. They found three: hopelessness, helplessness, and rage. 

In a follow-up experiment, the Simontons tested whether a cancer patient’s survival rate would change if they underwent extensive psychotherapy which released the rage, empowered them, helped them gain a sense of hope. The researchers worked only with terminally-ill patients who were expected to die in just a few months. The results: all the participating patients lived much longer than expected and most ended up cancer-free. The control patients all died when expected. (See their book Getting Well Again for details.)

When I was in a therapy group, we had a new member come in. Grandmotherly in appearance and apparently warm and caring in demeanor. She had terminal cancer and had come in the hope of healing herself using the Simonton approach. 

As we proceeded through our first group session with her, we quickly discovered she had a tongue like a viper. 

When it was Grandmother’s turn to do some work, the rest of us took the moment to tell her of the anger that we were experiencing from her and how uncomfortable it felt.

“I do not get angry!” she exclaimed, “I’m never angry with anyone no matter how much they deserve it!” Then she got up, got her coat, and marched out of the office, her face red with anger. She preferred to face certain death than deal with the anger raging inside her.

LIIFT helps remove the psychological contributors to cancer:
• LIIFT helps people eliminate any hopelessness, helplessness and rage that is living inside them.
• LIIFT removes emotional damage that is contributing to the sense of hopelessness and rage. Many people with cancer are carrying loads of damage from past abuse, grief, trauma, and anger. Each particular piece of toxic damage is usually removed in five minutes or less.
• LIIFT re-empowers those with cancer by enabling them to re-write their Internal Operating Software. Imagine the difference to someone’s ability to resist cancer when they delete the toxic Belief Statement, “Other people and forces control my life,” and replace it with “I am in charge of my life and I choose to live a healthy life.” LIIFT clients usually re-write from six to twelve toxic Belief Statements into life-affirming Belief Statements during each LIIFT session.

Bear in mind that LIIFT addresses only one part of the holistic anti-cancer program that cancer-fighters should be exploring to complement whatever program their oncologists have recommended. When I work with a cancer-beset client, I assist them to connect with sources for additional pieces of the anti-cancer jigsaw puzzle, including:
• Clinicians to guide the visualization process for attacking cancer cells and restoring a visceral sense of control over cancer
• Access to Alt-Med devices such as frequency generators to attack cancer cells
• European BFI medical devices to improve the body’s functioning, so it becomes more toxic to cancer
• Anti-Cancer coaches and effective guide books such as Thriver Soup by Heidi Bright.*
• Hemi-Sync subliminal anti-cancer messages
• Amish herbalists with reputations for helping to subdue cancer
• Physicians with non-chemo/non-radiation cancer-fighting programs

If you know someone who is battling cancer, please give them this information. Suggest they explore possibilities either in person, by Skype or by telephone.

Contact Brian Eastman
Creator and Advanced Practitioner of LIIFT

Changing Lives Group
513-724-HEAL (4325) · 800-825-4332 brian.eastman@LIIFT.info

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