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How LIIFT Can Help with Anxiety

by Brian Eastman
Creator and Advanced Practitioner of LIIFT

Everyone experiences an occasional time when they feel anxious. But some people experience unending anxiety which creates a life filled with unprovoked and unrealistic worry, tension, stress and upset. They constantly feel dread and apprehension, are often jumpy and irritable. They always expect a new bad thing to happen now and tomorrow.

People with chronic anxiety are unable to achieve a life filled with joy, happiness, love, success, contentment and an overall sense of safety and OK-ness. LIIFT is designed to help anyone quickly achieve the good-feeling life that most of us desire.

LIIFT understands that there are multiple contributors at the foundation of an anxious life. Our life experiences from pre-birth to age 10 define which emotions will be most common in the rest of our lives. In addition, we use those experiences to create our Internal Operating Software, which ultimately defines what we expect in life, and what is most likely to happen.

LIIFT uses a client’s subconscious knowledge of self to determine the most effective sequence of healings for fast change from anxiety to optimism. 

Often a client needs to release old experiences of fear, stress and trauma. Each release occurs in less than five minutes. The client needn’t remember or talk about it. LIIFT simply heals the emotional baggage . . . even baggage which has been passed down the family blood line from parents and grandparents.

Clients also often have damaged programming in their Internal Operating Software. For instance, many LIIFT clients carry the toxic Belief Statement, “I expect the worst to happen.” Just replacing it with “I expect the best to happen in my life, and it usually does,” significantly alters a client’s life toward a happier place. Each toxic Belief Statement can be changed in less than five minutes.

How quickly can a LIIFT client remove chronic anxiety and move to a happier, safer-feeling place in their lives? Often there is a major shift in just one session. Complete healing time is usually measured in months, not years.

Do you know someone who lives with chronic anxiety? Please pass this information on to them. Suggest that they contact me to explore the opportunities for achieving the better life that they deserve to have. I see local clients in my Cincinnati, Dayton and Indianapolis offices. I work with others worldwide by Skype and phone.

Contact Brian Eastman
Creator and Advanced Practitioner of LIIFT

Changing Lives Group
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