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How LIIFT Can Help with Depression

by Brian Eastman
Creator and Advanced Practitioner of LIIFT

According to LIIFT, our life experiences from pre-birth on determine our outlook on life and our overall emotional state, including depression. Some more obvious causes of depression include grief, stress, loss, and the residual effects of abuse. Depression can be caused by happy events, too, such as a move, new job, birth of a child.
LIIFT uses a client’s subconscious knowledge of self to determine the most effective sequence of healings for fastest release of the depression. 

Often the client needs to release episodes of fear, anger, grief, stress and trauma as part of the healing. Each release occurs in less than five minutes. Even more important, the client needn’t re-live what happened or talk about it in order to heal. LIIFT simply heals the pain and removes the emotional baggage.

Sometimes during the release of this emotional baggage it becomes clear that the damage does not belong directly to the client. Rather the client is carrying damage which was passed down from the client’s ancestors. In such instances, LIIFT heals the client just by healing the familial damage.

Often the subconscious also identifies damaged programming in the client’s Internal Operating Software. This Belief Statement would be a good example: “I am undeserving to be happy,” which would be replaced by a statement like “I deserve to be happy, I am happy and I enjoy being happy. As the client installs new Belief Statements which are supportive of a happier, more OK, more contented life, the client’s life changes for the better and depression becomes only a memory.
How quickly can a LIIFT client with depression heal? Often there is a major shift towards happiness after one session. Complete healing is usually measured in months rather than years.

Do you know someone who is struggling with depression? Please pass this information on to them. Invite them to contact Brian Eastman, to explore the opportunities for the happier life that LIIFT healing holds for them.

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Creator and Advanced Practitioner of LIIFT

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