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How LIIFT Can Help Troubled Children and Teens

by Brian Eastman
Creator and Advanced Practitioner of LIIFT

LIIFT uses the same 7 Healing Zones for troubled young people that it does for adults. Typically, though, the young person heals much faster than adults do. Some young people show a complete turn-around in their lives after just one or two sessions. I have concluded that children and teens heal much more quickly than adults because they have many fewer layers of damage and fewer years of damage needing to be healed.

I have worked with two types of troubled young people. The first type is the child (or teen) who may or may not be aware that anything is wrong but likely is unwilling to see someone for help. For that young person, LIIFT uses its “Healing At A Distance” process. Usually the life change is accomplished without the young client’s conscious ever knowing there was a problem. 

The second type is an obstructive young person usually being forced to see someone by an authority. They are resistant. Since LIIFT has a logical process in which they are an active participant, such young clients often feel ownership of what is transpiring. They understand that they themselves are making the healing. And they are walking with the LIIFT practitioner as equals, rather than finding themselves in the usual One-Up/One-Down situation common to psychotherapies.

Do you have a child or teen who is struggling? Contact Brian Eastman to explore the opportunities that LIIFT healing offers him or her for a better life.

Contact Brian Eastman
Creator and Advanced Practitioner of LIIFT

Changing Lives Group
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